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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
afraid I have a little fever upon my spirits, or at least have nerves, which, you know, everybody has in England. I begin the cold bath to-morrow, and talk of going to Tun-bridge, if the Parliament rises soon. Sir E., who begins to talk seriously of Houghton, has desired me to go with him thither; but that is not at all settled. Now I mention Houghton, you was in the right to miss a gallery there j but there is one actually fitting up, where the greenhouse was, and to be furnished with the spoils of Downing Street.
I am quite sorry you have had so much trouble with those odious cats of Malta: dear child, fling them into the Arno, if there is water enough at this season to drown them; or, I'll tell you, give them to Stosch, to pay the postage he talked of. I have no ambition to make my court with them to the old wizard.
I think I have not said anything lately to you from Patapan15; he is handsomer than ever, and grows fat: his eyes are charming; they have that agreeable lustre which the vulgar moderns call sore eyes, but the judicious ancients golden eyes, ocellos Patapanicos.
The process is begun against her Grace of BeaufortM, and articles exhibited in Doctors' Commons. Lady Townshend has had them copied, and lent them to me. There is everything proved to your heart's content, to the birth of the child, and much delectable reading. . . ,17
Adieu ! my dear child; you see I have eked out a letter : I hate missing a post, and yet at this dead time I have almost been tempted to invent a murder or a robbery. . . .1S But you are good, and will be persuaded that I have used my eyes and ears for your service; when, if it were not for
15 Mr. W.'s dog.    Walpole.
13 Frances, daughter and heiress of the last Lord Scudamore, -wife of Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, from whom she was divorced for adultery -with Lord Talbot; after-
wards married to Colonel Fitzroy, natural son of the Duke of Grafton. Walpole.
17  Passage omitted.
18  Passage omitted.